Home-Office Deduction – Show Me the Proof!

Question. If you have an office outside your personal home—say, downtown—can you have a tax-deductible office inside your home for the same trade or business? Answer. Yes. Q. Who says that? A. The IRS. Q. Show me where they say that! In IRS Publication 587, the IRS says this: Your home office will qualify as… Read More

If the SBA Made Six Loan Payments on Your Behalf, Are You Taxed?

Are you one of the millions of businesses that have an outstanding non-disaster Small Business Administration (SBA) loan? These include: 7(a) loans: general small business loans of up to $5 million, 504 loans: loans of up to $5.5 million to provide financing for major fixed assets such as equipment or real estate, and microloans: short-term… Read More

How to Deduct Assisted Living and Nursing Home Bills

Watch your wallet: the median cost in 2018 for an assisted living facility was $48,000 and over $100,000 for nursing home care. If you could deduct these expenses, you’d substantially reduce your income tax liability—possibly down to $0—and dramatically reduce your financial burden from these costs. As you might expect, the rules are complicated as… Read More