Big Mistake: Filing Your Tax Return Late

Three bad things happen when you file your tax return late. What’s Late? You can extend your tax return and file during the period of extension; that’s not a late-filed return. The late-filed return is filed after the last extension expired. That’s what causes the three bad things to happen. Bad Thing 1 The IRS… Read More

Tax Loophole Allows Tax-Free COVID-19 Payments to Employees

After the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, Congress added a little-known tax provision to the tax law. This little-known tax code provision exempts certain payments from taxation during a disaster or terrorist attack. President Donald Trump’s national emergency declaration triggered the disaster provisions of the tax law, including this one—where both you and your… Read More

If You Don’t Want 100 Percent Depreciation, Elect Out or Else

As you likely know, the TCJA increased bonus depreciation to 100 percent. Unlike most tax provisions that involve a tax election, this one requires you to elect out if you don’t want it. For example, you (or your corporation) buy two $50,000 trucks, each with a gross vehicle weight rating of 6,500 pounds and a… Read More

Avoid the Gift Tax—Use the Tuition and Medical Strategy

If you or a well-off relative are facing the gift and estate tax, here’s a planning opportunity often overlooked: pay tuition and medical expenses for loved ones. Such payments, structured correctly, do not represent gifts. The monies spent by you on the qualified medical and tuition payments reduce your net worth and taxable estate, but… Read More

Tax Tips for the Self-Employed Age 50 and Older

If you are self-employed, you have much to think about as you enter your senior years, and that includes retirement savings and Medicare. Here a few thoughts that will help. Keep Making Retirement Account Contributions, and Make Extra “Catch-up” Contributions Too Self-employed individuals who are age 50 and older as of the applicable year-end can… Read More